Weekly Update June 26-30th

PCHS Parents and Students,

We have 4 days of exams before summer holidays officially start.

Do you know when your exams are? Please click on “Exam Schedule.docx  ”   

Lockers must be cleaned out when students are finished for the year.

Breakfast is being offered in the canteen every morning.

Report cards will be mailed out next week.

Parkland will be closing for the summer on July 7.  It will reopen on August 23.

Tours of the school will take place on August 28.

The first day for students is September 5.


  1. Grad: Friday, June 30th Edson Recreation Complex.  Be there by 10:30am as it will start at 11:00am.   After the morning ceremonies, hand back your grad gown to Mrs. Velichko in the Sundance Room, and be back at the Rec Complex at 5:30ish for the Banquet.  Dinner will be served at 6:00pm.  Remember this is an alcohol free school event.  For those only attending the Grand March, it will begin about 8:00pm.
  2. after th, Pick up your grad gowns from the library June 26th or 27all fees have been paid.
  3.  Grand March rehearsal will be at 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 28th, at the Rec Complex.  All grads must attend.  Be prepared to stay and set up chairs as well.
  4.  Grad group photo will be at 1:30pm on Wednesday, June 28th at PCHS.  Meet in the foyer with your grad gowns and hats on by 1:15pm.  We will go outside as a group and Mr. Dye will take a group photo from the roof.  We will then walk as a group over the PGMS where they have something special for you.  This is very exciting for the teachers of PGMS as well as the students.


                          *** Week of June 26 – June 30***


            Diploma Math 30-1 & 30-2

            PAT – Grade 9 Social Studies/K & E


            Diploma Chemistry 30

            PAT – Grade 9 English Pt. B/K & E


            Diploma Biology 30

            PAT – Grade 9 Math/K & E


            Diploma Science 30

            Diploma Physics 30

            PAT – Grade 9 Science/K & E


           Parkland Graduation – 11:00 am