Weekly Update June 19-23

PCHS Parents and Students,

We have 3 days of Classes before exam week starts.  Please click on “Exam Schedule.docx  ” to see when your exams are.

Lockers must be cleaned out when students are finished for the year.

Grade 12 Diplomax study courses held at Parkland (come sign up):

            Math 30-1, June 24/25

Parkland is pleased to announce the hiring of Kevin and Michelle Andersen to run our Environmental Science Course for 2017 – 2018.  Click on “Press Release.docx ”

Lunch is being offered up for sale in the Canteen until Wednesday.  This is a fundraiser for our Sports Teams.

This week is a 3 day week.  Thursday and Friday are exam days.




  1. Grad: Friday, June 30th Edson Recreation Complex.  Be there by 10:30am as it will start at 11:00am.   After the morning ceremonies, hand back your grad gown to Mrs. Velichko in the Sundance Room, and be back at the Rec Complex at 5:30ish for the Banquet.  Dinner will be served at 6:00pm.  Remember this is an alcohol free school event.  For those only attending the Grand March, it will begin about 8:00pm.
  2. Pick up your grad gowns from the library June 26th or 27th, after all fees have been paid.
  3.  Grand March rehearsal will be at 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 28th, at the Rec Complex.  All grads must attend.  Be prepared to stay and set up chairs as well.
  4.  Grad group photo will be at 1:30pm on Wednesday, June 28th at PCHS.  Meet in the foyer with your grad gowns and hats on by 1:15pm.  We will go outside as a group and Mr. Dye will take a group photo from the roof.  We will then walk as a group over the PGMS where they have something special for you.  This is very exciting for the teachers of PGMS as well as the students.



                          *** Week of June 19 – June 25***


            Diploma FLA 30-1  part A                           8:45 – 12:00


            Diploma FLA  30-1 part B                           8:45 – 12:00

            Lockers clean out




            Diploma – English 30 – 1 & 2 part B        8:45 – 12:00


           Diploma – Social 30 – 1 & 2 part B          8:45 – 12:00


            Diolomax Study Course – Math 30-1       9:00 – 5:00


            Diolomax Study Course – Math 30-1       9:00 – 5:00


Mark Maris


Parkland Composite High School